Journey to Excellence (JTE), the new performance recognition program adopted by the Boy Scouts of America, changes the basic way we measure and recognize success by moving away from measuring process and moving toward measuring performance. To be aligned with the BSA and to capitalize on this best practice used in the corporate performance measurement field today, the Order of the Arrow adopted the Journey to Excellence format in 2012 to evaluate lodge performance and to motivate and recognize continuous improvement in lodge operations.

JTE Calendar

This Calendar provides a recommended backdating time written by the Western Region to help Lodges to help them complete the JTE requirements on time to achieve JTE by the end of the calendar year.

Download JTE Calendar [PDF]

Western Region JTE Guidebook

This guidebook was created specifically by the Western Region as a replacement to the Quality Lodge Guide to assist Lodges in understanding the new Journey to Excellence program and how best to develop a plan to achieve their new JTE goals. All Chapter, Lodge and Section Officers should check it out!

Download JTE Guidebook [PDF]