Western Region News

NOAC Q&A with Jordan Jefferis

“Have you ever been to a NOAC before?”

“I have been to one previous NOAC and that was the 2015 NOAC. I can honestly say that attending NOAC was the reason that I stayed in the scouting program. I met so many new people from my lodge and they ended up encouraging me to run for a lodge vice position and that is how I got started with leadership roles in the OA. I cannot even imagine where I would be if I had not gone to NOAC 2015.”

“What was your favorite experience from your NOAC?”

“My favorite experience was probably the Gathering of Eagle Scouts that was held at NOAC. We all got two challenge coins and I gave one to a kid that I had met in a training while there and the other to a kid in my troop and just this year I got to attend his Eagle Court of Honor. It was cool to see the lasting impact that just one event can have in many lives.”
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Western Region Leadership Fund

At the recent Region Committee Meeting before the annual Double Vigil Golf Tournament the committee unanimously passed a resolution creating the Western Region Order of the Arrow Leadership Fund.

The resolution reads, “The Region Leadership Fund Chairman shall run auctions that are supported, promoted, and publicized by this committee and its sections with a goal of raising $15,000 the first year…”

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Service Grant Recipients

Since 1999, the National OA Committee has annually selected lodges from each region
to receive matching service grants. For 2018, 27 lodges in councils across the nation
were chosen to receive a combined total of $50,000 in matching grants via the OA
Service Grant program.

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Idaho Lodge grows Membership

Shunkah-Mahneetuis a small lodge in a council dominated by LDS Church chartered troops of approximately 22,000 youth. The lodge only has about 50 dues paid members. At least that was the picture before the lodge implemented new mailing program to boost membership.

Unit elections are a particular challenge for this lodge, and unfortunately all too few happen. So they tend to rely heavily on summer camp elections instead. Within the LDS community, the OA is a significant challenge, Shunkah-Mahneetu is working hard though to change that with the implementation of SURGE, a program that addresses some of the concerns that LDS Church members have in joining the Order of the Arrow. Below is the roadmap of how the South Fork chapter reversed their membership slide and grew relations with local units.

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The OA shares its story at the 2017 National Jamboree

In July, over 640 Arrowmen from across the nation came together for two weeks in West Virginia to form Operation Arrow, the largest operating OA staff the jamboree has ever seen. With a staff of this size, the OA cheerfully gave service to all aspects of the jamboree. From helping with service projects and leading troops on their treks to ushering the jamboree shows and providing a smile all throughout the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Additionally, there was a small staff working behind the scenes that were dedicated to the task of educating everyone at the jamboree exactly what the Order of the Arrow is.

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Portland NLS Recap

Arrowmen from all around the Region gathered in the Pacific Northwest for a
weekend full of top-tier training, coffee, and donuts on the first weekend of October.
Camp Kuratli, just outside of Portland, OR, served as the location for one of the last
National Leadership Seminars (NLS) of the year. The weekend was filled with state of
the art leadership training that is comparable to any training in the business world.

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Operation Arrow Recap

The 2017 National Scouting Jamboree is over, but the impact that Operation Arrow had on not only the participants but also the entire staff is continuing to live on. Operation Arrow was the OA’s initiative to have the largest OA staff on Jamboree, and that goal was exceeded. Over 650 Arrowmen from across the nation participated in helping perform this extraordinary event.

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2018 Western Region Chief

Jordan is from the Cascade Pacific Council in Gresham, OR. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge.

Area 4 Areaclave Recap

On Friday, September 15th, 530 Arrowmen from all around Area 4 gathered at the Irvine Outdoor Education Center in Irvine, California for a weekend filled with fun and fellowship – an event that took two years to plan and hasn’t occured for nearly 27 years.

Planning for the Areaclave began back in 2016, when two Section Chiefs, Matthias Leier and Javier Venegas of W-4N and W-4S started brainstorming a potential Area Conclave. Then in 2017, the planning continued in under the leadership of chiefs, Jorge Salazar and Matthew McMahan, who headed a joint area CoC in the year leading up to the Areaclave. At Areaclave, trainings, patch trading, auctions, sports, museums, shows, and lodge fairs were amongst the many activities offered to the Arrowmen in attendance.

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Buy a patch to help rebuild Puerto Rico Council’s Guajataka Scout Reservation

The Scouting family has stepped up in a big way to support Puerto Rico. In less than two weeks, Scouts and Scouters have purchased more than $32,000 in patches.
Area Director Jim Hans recently visited Puerto Rico to survey the damages to the offices and camp.
“Two months post Maria, and the damage is still astounding,” he writes. “Most still don’t have electricity, and while roads have been cleared, debris is everywhere. On my way to camp I drove for three to four miles on a road where every single power pole was laying on the ground It will take months to get things back to normal.

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